Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scales of Injustice

An illustration for my plight project. Injustice is outweighing the innocence of these men. These faces include: Delbert Tibbs, Michael Morton, Damien Echols of the Memphis 3, Johnny Garrett and Cameron Willingham (who were executed then later found innocent), Juan Melendez, Michael Toney, Anthony Graves, Curtis Edward Mcarthy, Kennedy Brewer, and Ronald Kitchen. All of these men lost many years of their lives, and two lost their lives because of the injustice of America's legal system. 10 of these men were on death row. All men have been found innocent. This is another illustration to support the abolition of the death penalty.

Wrongfully Behind Bars.

This is an illustration for Anthony Grave's plight. Anthony Graves was wrongly convicted of killing 5 family members in 1994, and was kept on death row for 18 years. In letters he wrote during his time on death row he said he felt like a caged animal, and felt completely dehumanized. Anthony Graves was exonerated in 2010, however it could have been a different story, and he could have easily been murdered by America. For my project I am looking at the plight of men wrongly convicted and put on death row, and I want to illustrate the need to abolish execution. Execution should have been abolished the moment the first person was who was killed was found innocent.

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